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Individual Therapy
Therapy Session

Benefits: Overcome fear, phobic disorder, panic attacks, anxiety disorder, social phobias, performance anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, grief and loss.

Description: Brief solution-focused approaches are applied to the ranges of therapeutic technologies. They enhance overall functioning to help individuals obtain their potential by assisting in modifying cognitions, alleviating a board range of conditions that interfere with growth. A powerful catalyst for opening up feelings and getting past emotional and psychological pain. Techniques are designed to help gain access to the subconscious conflict which leads to insight and healing by confronting faulty beliefs, thinking and language patterns that hinder growth.

Permanent Behavior Change
Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Smoking Cessation

Benefits: Become a non-smoker after one session, withdrawals will be eliminated. No gum, No patches, No vapor.

Description: 4 Session package. You will need to bring all smoking paraphernalia (lighters, matches, ash tray, etc.)  The other sessions are for reinforcement.

Three Phase Weight Loss Program

Benefits: lose weight as quickly as is healthy, and most importantly, keep it off.


Performance Enhancement

Academics: Academic performance for individual students, classes and study groups for
Board Exam Preparation, Tests, Studying, Memory Retention (Ages 13 and older);

Sports: Achieve & Boost: Endurance, Form Execution, Strength, Speed, Health, Longevity, which is applicable for all Sports on all levels for the individual athlete or an entire team (Ages 13 and older);

Sales: Sell performance, Achieve Individual Goals, Motivate & Train Entire Sales Team for Retail, Investment Banking, Wholesale, Small Business, Corporate, Real Estate, Brokerage, Insurance, Telephone Sales;

Performing Arts: Expand Creative Flow, Energy, Confidence, Stamina, Form, Nerves, Stage Fright, Guided Imagery & Visualizations for Singers, Actors, Dancers, Performance Artists.
Individually As Well As Entire Ensemble:
Public Speaking: Improve confidence, poise, communication and ability to connect with the audience

Medical Hypnosis

Benefits: Alleviate day-to-day stress and/or pain naturally (acute and chronic pain).

Description: An alternative to medicine to treat both chronic types of pain (arthritis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome) and pain resulting from serious injury.

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