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What to Expect

You can expect to casually converse through treatment. Upon the first visit, you will be given an assessment to discover the nature of the issue. We then consult to develop treatments to overcome the issue.


As the therapist, my primary responsibility is

to guide the session, create an atmosphere to increase motivation, alter maladaptive thinking, and to help develop flourishing successful evident change.


Collaboratively we will develop clear, specific, and realistic goals. The success you will achieve will be concrete, evident, and timely. Provided for you will be a warm, safe, and genuine climate. Conducive for self-exploration allowing one to become more self-directed. Enabling you to reach your fullest potential. Naturally strengthening your intuition and emotional intelligence. Discover your innate potential, live a higher quality of life, enjoy the relationships that matter most and more. 


  • Private and confidential session

    50 min

  • You will achieve a higher level of success.

    50 min

  • Control your anger before it controls you.

    50 min

  • Alleviate day-to-day stress and/or pain naturally (acute and chronic p...

    50 min

  • 1 hr

    175 US dollars
  • Energy Healing and Charka Alignment with Crystal.

    1 hr 30 min

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